Solar Ionizer


Advantage of our solar ionizers versus the chlorine:
Is it harmful for the eyes?(Chlorine YES, Ionizer NO )
Does it irritate the skin?(Chlorine YES, Ionizer NO )
Does it decoloured and burn the swim clothes?(Chlorine YES, Ionizer NO )
Is it liked with cancer?(Chlorine YES ,Ionizer NO )
Does it form trihalomethanes-carcinogens?(Chlorine YES, Ionizer NO )
Does it toxic for the lungs?(Chlorine YES, Ionizer NO )

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Ionizer is the disintegration of matter, atom by atom. This process occurs in nature in all levels
and this is how the water acquire a small amount of minerals for the preservation of its purify.
The water purification by ionisation has been practiced for thousands of years. The accumulation
of water in containers made in copper and silver during the ancient roman period allows that to
Maintain the freshness and clearness and avoid the growth of algae and bacteria.


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